Trump Seals His Biggest Deal

Can The New President Service What He Sold?

We Bought What Trump Was Selling

  • Draining the swamp — Politicians and lobbyists be gone.
  • More jobs — What kind?
  • Replace and improve the ACA — Abolishing Obama Care is easy, creating something “better”? Impress us.
  • More jobs — For who?
  • Increased security — Real security, in our homes, our borders and across the Internet is going to take more than just a wall.
  • More jobs — From where?
  • Safer neighborhoods — For all neighborhoods? Great idea.
  • More jobs — When?
  • Better schools — Aim high. Have at it.
  • More jobs — How?
  • …oh, and more jobs.
  • Make America Great Again — Is your great or our great?

Service After The Sale

Change happens. Words matter. Empathy is everything. The ability to consider two competing ideas in your mind at once is a gift that should be shared.